CIB UNIGAS discloses the future with Special Burner & Equipment

If the time is what is able to measure the success of a company, for Special Burner & Equipment and CIB UNIGAS it has always represented the never-ending movement of their talent. The lighting before the flame. The ability to renew and change, according to a market that always asks more and more details, without forgetting the most important values.

What is an intuition, if not being able to see where other people cannot? The idea to refine a burner, for example, when oil was the most available fuel on the market. It was in 1972 when Claudio Pancolini, young and very talented engineer, started to imagine a different future, fueled by natural gas.

He managed to make his dream true, building CIB UNIGAS, the first company completely dedicated to the realization of high-elevated standard quality burners. The intuition was right and the company successfully managed to grow through the years, evolving to a joint stock company, passing through the 80s and the 90s with innovative products and a growing trend.

However it is the new millenium that marks the time of different kind of changes: new requests of the emergent markets ask for more flexibility and very fast strategic choices.

On one side, at CIB UNIGAS headquarter, Filippo and Riccardo, Claudio Pancolini’s sons, follow their father’s footsteps as general director and technical director, while on the other side there is another important change.

SPECIAL BURNER & EQUIPMENT, with more than twenty years of experience and consciousness in burners department, was born from CIB UNIGAS in order to give a new value to the special burners section, considering also all the values where everything was born.

Special Burner & Equipment develops special burners, starting from their project to their delivery, taking care of every little detail with precision and responsibility.

Responsibility towards clients and suppliers, but also towards the environment in a perspective of saving energy and reducing pollution.

Our focus is TAYLOR Made In Italy.


Special Burner & Equipment is an engineering company that realizes combustion systems for the industrial process.

Unlike our competitors, able to sell burners for all the applications, we are specialized in technological process plants for the heavy industry and this offers us the advantage of knowing all the dynamics and requests of the field, leading us to realize ideal combustion systems.


If logic and rationality are our pillars, we cannot leave out to talk about imagination and passion that are part of every element of our team.

With our managing directors, engineers, designers and technicians, SPECIAL BURNER & EQUIPMENT has been able to build a strong net of activities that allow the company to interface with a very changing market where the productive circle remains one of the most complex.

Special Burner & Equipment is made of people that believe in what they are creating.

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The real technology respects the environment. With the Leaf system and the installation of Inverter, SBE works for a massive saving of energy. Before every project, the respect for what is around us is always our line of ideal horizon. The world in not ours, we are just its keepers.